Exploring The Power Of The Mind In A Fun Way!

About Steve

Steve Nanawusu is the world’s youngest professional hypnotist Steve, he has performed in front of a sold out crowds at the Huxi Grand Theatre in Shanghai (the showroom of ERA acrobatics team a multimillion-dollar stunning acrobatic extravaganza)

He is a headliner at the critically acclaimed Pearl Theatre boasting several accolades and awards such as outstanding performance venue in Shanghai where he performs his Hypno-Comedy show “Steve Says”. His Hypno-Comedy show has been voted the best audience participation show in China. Steve has been profiled in The Global Times, That’s Shanghai Magazine, Smart Shanghai, City Weekend, Enjoy Shanghai, and featured twice in Bridge Afrique Magazine.

Having been seen and performed at many prestigious events and famous venues, Steve has performed at TEDx Hult Shanghai where he demonstrated the power of the mind to a team of neurosurgeons from all over the world and Hult University post graduate students who still talk about the demonstration up to this day.

Steve sought to pass on his combine knowledge and enthusiasm to all and every audience. How? Through a combination of his dashing personality, showmanship and a host of exceptional volunteers, together Steve Nana Wusu delivers a thrilling show bursting at the brim with hilarity, fun, laughter and a host of unforgettable moments we all endeavor to share. 

Steve Nana Wusu C.H.T

Hypnotist, Speaker & Educator

Award Winning Youth Motivational Speaker, Hypnotist & Teen Mindset Expert, Steve Nana Wusu has one mission in life, to inspire and equip teens for life through speaking at their level.

He blends hypnosis comedy shows with inspirational messages that will stick with your students for decades to come. He specializes in boosting high performance mindset that Achieves Optimal Results. Steve will help your staff & students be the best they can be. He has the unique ability to capture the minds and hearts of your attendees, beginning with the scientific and performance-based evidence for the skills presented, and finishing with a motivational message that inspires hope and enthusiasm for exceptional results.

He offers motivational keynotes, onsite seminars, coaching, training and long-term support to teachers, parents & students to create a culture of accountability that enhances personal and professional success!

Message Steve Nana Wusu now for a clean, classy and tasteful event for your school.

Corporate Hypnotist Steve Nana Wusu